Gay People And Sensitivity Issues

I don’t normally blog about general issues that I percieve in my daily life, but, I felt this should be said, as the hypocrisy of SOME (key word, SOME) gay people is amazing.

For example, a recent mate of mine who was an online one, has now decided he can no longer speak to me, as I do not agree that someone saying ‘this map is gay’, or ‘that was gay’, is not offensive. I honestly don’t see an issue with this. If the person was instead saying ‘You are gay’ or ‘this map is gayer than you’, then that could probably be deemed offensive, as it is personally directed at said homosexual.
The problem I have here, is that this person will take any gay remark completely out of context, and view it as a personal insult apon their person or ‘Their people’. Right, so gay people want to be treated equally, yet now you claim to have your ‘own people’. Get fucked, seriously. The amount of bullshit and hypocrisy to come out of your mouths is ridiculous, which doesnt suprise me considering where you take it (the shitter).

I mention hypocrisy, this is because they take offense at gay jokes, but think nothing of jokes directed at black people, disabled people, or anyone else for that matter. They will quite happily laugh at people taking the piss out of those with mental handicapped (as thats what happens in online games), but the moment someone makes a gay joke, they get up on their high horse, start pouting, and demand apologies. Its absofuckinglutely ridiculous. Many of these people are in their late 20′s, even in their 30′s. Learn the meaning of banter, or don’t play games. Your gay, nobody gives a shit, deal with it.

This is directed at a particular person, and they know full well who they are, and I have no doubts they’ll see this.

People may not always agree with views 100%, hell, I doubt many people agree with me alot of the time, and I completely respect that, provided they can justify why. I love a good debate, I love a good discussion, but we will not always agree on the same outcome. I think gay people like the ones mentioned above, need to get over themselves. Stop taking things out of context and quit being such drama queens. I’d say the same for black people, who may joke about whites and gays, but cry when a black joke happens. This is the thing, jokes are jokes. Its very easy to tell when someone is being malicious, and if they aren’t being malicious, quit being such a fag about it, literally.



Mexican Chainsaw Beheading

You really don’t want to mess with the Mexican cartels. The people involved in this video appear to be snitches. Snitching on your gang is a big mistake. If you want out, then find a different way. Grassing them up is guaranteed to end your life. Stupidity killed these people.

A translation on the video has been taken from another site that contains this video too. Took a bit of googling to find:

Your name?

Ricky Garcia
I’m dedicated to trafficking drugs in the city of Phoenix. I became a prisoner. I got 2 months and a half here. In (insert name’s city here, couldn’t really understand)
Since I got here I got connected with Felipe (didnt understand last name) because they confiscated his truck. Ford half cabin. *Then he says something about visiting ‘El cholo Ivan’, Cholo’s brother, and apperantly some attorney.) Then he says he had to receive and take information (his speech slurs alot can’t realy understand some parts.)

Your name?

(Didn’t understand first name) Castro.
And my function was.. I met cholo Ivan through my nephew. I worked for him. One day I took them some radios the competition were using to communicate. *This guy’s speech is even worse but he goes on saying that he basically just ran errands for the cartels and saying he was getting paid less than 30 dollars. He then goes on to say that it wasn’t worth risking his life. Then he tells them that the people he’s working for you don’t want to mess with. Then he says it’s not easy being in that situation knowing you’re not gonna return.* Them I guess he’s saying his last words telling people that if they see something or know something to stay quiet.
Then in the very end in the red letters is says ‘This will happen to all snitches.’ ….”

Translation provided by a user called D.O.A, so many thanks to him for translating (if he did).

The video itself shows a beheading with a chainsaw, and a beheading by a seemingly semi blunt knife. Looks painful.

Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Video




Left 4 Dead 2 Rage Quit

Why Do So Many Gamers RageQuit All The Time?

Why do so many gamers instantly rage quit when they get killed, join a lobby that isn’t 90% full, or when they join a server that is SLIGHTLY different to how it should be?

A classic example of one of the most rage infested games in existance is Left4Dead 2. Why is it one of the hardest games to get a game in? I’ll explain below.

  • Lobby creation - This is a whole new game. Left4Lobby is a great game until, after around 10 minutes, someone starts a game of Left4Dead. Random chit chat and a constant stream of ‘Bumfucker has joined’ ‘Bumfucker has left’ can provide hours of entertainment. On a non sarcastic level, people rage lobbies too much. If you don’t want to join a lobby, then stop using quick match and select a game in progress manually. By doing what you do, you ruin the game for others.
  • Valves Official Dedicated Servers - These are run by Valve obviously, but the upkeep is incredibly poor. Although no mods are run on them, they are hosted on what appear to be overloaded machines, and on crap connections. Lets also note that the European ones are constantly down. So, when people do join a lobby, and the leader has opted to go to an official server, most people will ‘ragequit’ due to crap ping or lag due to server overloading.
  • Best Available Dedicated - This means that the server will not use an official dedicated server. Instead it will find one that somebody has paid to run, or hosts themselves if your like me. The problem here is that they lobby leader could be the admin, or the admin may join mid game. There is also the case the admin may decide he wants the server and boot you all mid game. As a general rule, if someone doesn’t go in the other teams way, and the lobby leader is against them, they will cry admin and ragequit. Whether the person is admit or not is completely irrelivent. The other points are self explanitory.
  • Modded Best Available Dedicated – 75% of the time, when the lobby joins a modded server, nearly half the players will say one of the following: ‘Noob Server’, ‘Shit modded’, ‘putain server’, ‘fuck this i’m leaving’. This could be from seeing a tank spawn with a weapon in its hand (cosmetic), the killer of a witch carries her as a trophy, or the server could simply have stats on it. Generally, people will rage quit.
  • Losing a Game – Losing to the other team, this goes without saying, if you lose, you must leave the game immediately without reason. Maybe call cheats before quitting to encourage others to follow you. When this happens it is incredibly annoying. Often, when this does happen, others will follow, and you may as well go back to playing Left4Lobby for 10 minutes, rather than try and carry on.
  • French People Rage More - French people ragequit for literally no reason at all. Sometimes saying ‘english please’ will cause them to spout angry french words at you and then ragequit the game. If you find yourself as an admin, and a french person joins your game, it is often better to kick them out and let someone from another country join. They will only end up leaving after 5 minutes anyway. French people generally only play with their own kind, so they can discuss the tastyness of frogs and how everyone else sucks compared to them.
  • General Angryness – Sometimes, you don’t even need to do anything to cause people to rage. Just existing is enough. Sometimes, stealing a kill, or doing something they do not approve of is enough to cause a spam of abuse before they hit the quit button and destroy all things near them.
  • Trolls – Sometimes, people will troll. It happens in all games, but Left4Dead does have a high amount of trolls. Join a game, spam voice commands, and often either team kill, or kill themselves. They will not leave until others ragequit or they get votekicked. Trolls often work in groups or with a friend due to the votekick ability. Having a friend on the team will ensure they can never be kicked.

The above can probably apply to most games that have some form of multiplayer versus component. In left4Dead, it just so happens to be that this component is the general basis of the game. It also happens to be why this game frustrates so many people. The majority of the community appear to be angry children or trolls, and sadly, valve have not really done anything to stop this. A recent block function was added, but this causes more harm than good, and is well documented on the Steam forums.

Perhaps if they ever make Left4Dead 3, we might see an improvement on the above. Its unlikely though, and there is very little you can do to counteract it.