3 Guys 1 Hammer Video

The Dnepropetrovsk murder video is now available┬áto watch on site. My apologies for the giant crappy watermark that appears 10 seconds in. I’ll get a version thats clean at some point in the future, one that doesn’t block what your viewing… Perhaps one day i’ll have a proper rant about watermarks and HOW FUCKING POINTLESS THEY ARE.

Anyway, the 3 guys 1 hammer video is now available. Its a real murder, if you don’t like it, dont watch it. Simple as that.

Link here.


15 thoughts on “3 Guys 1 Hammer Video

  1. This video is sick! Why would they release this to the public originally? More over, why do you have this on your site? Its disresptful to the family.

    1. I’ll write this in answer to each point your statement has:

      Agreed, no idea, increases traffic, not really, its already available. What is more disrectful? Releasing the video initally or hosting something that is already available at other places where they will try and charge you to view it? As much as I do see your point, I feel you have the wrong end of the stick.

      1. My god you are sick !!

        I wonder if you would like it if it was one of your familly members on that video getting tortured and killed.. your a fucking pathethic low life skum, you should not be allowed to have a website, you should be admitted to a mental hospital, thrown in to a cell, and then they should throw away the key.. but worst of all im sure you just love ppl to react this way.. thats why you have this site.. what a looser you are.. lol.. i pitty you.. you need serious help..

  2. I find it interesting how you come to the conclusion that hosting a video automatically makes me low life scum, as if I was one of the creators of it. As with KingKongDong, i’ll go through your points raised and respond accordingly.

    If it was my family member: I’d be doing all I can through the courts to get the video banned and removed from all sites. I fully agree with the point you raise, as already stated previously. However, the video is available elsewhere, and they make money from it. I don’t believe this is fair, nor do I believe that hosting it is a good thing. The part that swayed me to allowing it to get hosted was the fact it shows reality. It shows real life, this stuff happens, and people need to stop hiding away from the harshness of life and what people can do.

    I am low life scum and should not be allowed to have a website: Well, firstly I must ask why it is you searched for the video in the first place, and then, knowing what it is, went and watched it. Then come and complain. I find it a little strange that one. As for allowed to have a website, all content here is fully legal, i’m not breaking any laws. If anyone can provide copywrite infringment evidence, by all means i’ll get rid of a piece of content without question.

    I love people to react this way: Well, yes, and no. Yes, because I can respond like this and justify it in summary form, and no, because I don’t intentionally set out to upset people. The content on this site is there to shock and appall, thats what makes this site what it is, thus, people should bare this in mind when viewing it.

    A loser for having this site: On the contrary. The site has a small community following it, its gained fame through youtube and being one of the highest clicked links for the BME Pain Olympics video. Many other sites charge for the content this site provides for free. Maybe on that front I am a loser on that front (losing potential money making schemes), otherwise i’m afraid i’ll have to disagree with your points.

    Perhaps when you approach this subject without resorting to petty insults like a child, i’ll be more than happy to further discuss this.

    As an added note, I am not the only person who adds content to the site. There are 3 people who work on this, I do have the ultimate say, and it took a lot of persuasion to get this added. It was not an easy decision.

  3. I shall take this time to thank you for making it easier for me to watch this video. Personally if I was brutally murdered and it was filmed I would want everyone and their mom to see it. Next, those boys made so many mistakes in that murder, I can guarantee that they won’t be doing it again unless the courts are really friggin stupid. From head gear to gloves and cleaning methods… or lack there of. Anyone that has watched any movie where someone is murdered would know don’t do anything that will track it back to you, just sayin.

  4. Hey, the video won’t play, for whatever reason. I dl the RealPlayer and whatever that other player is. It gets stuck buffering. What’s up?

    1. Working ok here. What browser are you using?

      You dont need realplayer, it will play with windows media player browser plugin (official microsoft). Don’t need any 3rd party crap.

  5. Thats unbelievable how much beating a human being can take before he expires his last breath. (so painfull, agonising and scary)
    In compare with how fast a big truck can crush your head like a poor water-melon. (Quick, surprising and w/o any pain when the head goes first, if not its still not a long time)
    If i can choose, I TAKE THE TRUCK!!!

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