BME Pain Olympics Video

The BME Pain Olympics video is freely available. This is THE original video. Its not a reaction video.

The BME Pain Olympics Original video can be found here:

BME Pain Olympics Final Round Video

Please leave your comments on this, when the blog was up before it had mixed responses, be interesting to see the crowd it gathers this time round.


125 thoughts on “BME Pain Olympics Video

  1. my friend showed this to me, watching my face, expecting me to freak, and all I could muster, with a blank face is, “Imagine how much action you must NOT be getting to be ok with doing that…”

        1. I’ve said this once, and i’ll say it again…

          Parents responsibility. I don’t know if you have kids, quite frankly I don’t really care, but if your worried about what they are looking up or viewing, get a web filter, or watch what they do. Its really simple. The internet is a vast place of information, and also a place where things like this exist and amass views. IF you don’t like it, then its down to you to stop your kids from seeing it.

  2. holy wtf shit ass whores! tHATS the most disqusting thing i have seen… i cannot beleive he did that! I almost puked

  3. Well… these days you can expect too many crazy things from this world… if you think that you are happy cutting and sewing back, and then cutting again… go ahead!! but if you cut your balls, remember… you gonna have pleasure only ones!!…

  4. i heard it was fake but if thats real that that dudes an idiot and has some serious balls… well did at least.

  5. erhm…what am i supposed to say now…good job? u should make a habit of it? go perform somewhere in las vegas? dude…you’re sick…try singing or rapping very very very very VERY bad and you’d get views too, but that wouldn’t hurt you…and you’d also have balls (figurelly and litterally speaking)

  6. Do you guys not see how fake this is..? Really… I’ve seen my fair share of penis’s here and there and this was just…totally fake. The whole male genitalia in general is just…jigglier. The balls would have moved around a bit in his sack, the dick would have looked a little less like a hot dog. Lmao. You can also tell that there is something wrapped around his original genitalia, like a strap on basically. I came to look at this wondering if it was really real, only to be disappointed with false rumors. Try looking for two guys 1 hammer. Now that’s some fucked up shit.(Some guy gets beat to death with a isn’t porn lol.)

    1. bro that was te worst thing i have seen in life also 1 guy 1 ice pik a killes a guy cuts his legs off and eats par of his ass nd has sex with he body ~

  7. Edit: When you click that link above on the next page there should be something that just says BME, the first of the pain olympics. Now THAT looks real. Frig.


  9. anyone with a nutsack and a brain knows that if you cut your fucking sack open and tried to pop out your nut
    1. there’d be a lot more blood
    2. your nuts have a lot of shit attached to them.. not from your ass hole or anything but like vas defrens and jizz tubes and all sorts of pipes they don’t jus t’POP OUT”

  10. That is just wrong mate you really should get out more if you really think that that is interesting. I repeat that is just wrong you just dont do that you weirdo. I suggest you go to the doctors because it will be a problem. Have you got something wrong with you?? I think you have mate.

  11. uhh im pretty sure all this is bullshit cuz 1st of all theres no blood coming out and 2nd of all they do it like its nothing i mean imagine the pain???like really

    1. to each his own…i once watched a guy stand in a mirror and rip half of his face off because he didnt want facial hair…the mind registers pain differently for everone and a person whoes brain doesnt register pain in a situation like the so called pain olympics is obviously someone i wouldnt want to have a fight with…im sure you would avoud a fight with a psycho too….furthermore the human body doesnt bleed like on tv…how do i know?…i perform modificaions for others….cant really call these folks sick since christianity spread its influence at the tip of a sword and called it righteousness….still yet what is wrong to some is right to others.

      1. oh so cutting your ballz off and your dick is considerd right??? wtf kind of world do you live in thats clearly not normal and i highly doubt those guys are psychopaths eather its fake or they were fucked up on some hardcore drugs

  12. you guys…it’s fake! look it up on wikipedia. the original video says it is fake but most versions on other websites don’t show the message. according to shannon larratt, the creator of the video, it’s just one person who used prosthetic makeup. in reality, the bme pain olympics is NOTHING compared to what you see in the video. usually it’s just drinking hot sauce or forehead pulling or other stupid crap. IT’S FAKE.

  13. Why the fuck would u cut off ur dick and balls???? knowin ur never gonna get it all back.. and even if u had correction surgery, itll never be the same it work as well as before..

    This is the most fucked up selfinflicted clip on the fuckin internet… the ONLY videos worse than this is Al Qaeda beheading videos!! fuuckin gross… i fuckin hate my friends for showin me this shit… fuck ya’ll !!

  14. I barely got past the title, saw the knife and CTRL+W’ed that shit, shouting “NO FUCKING WAY, NO THANK YOU”

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch it.

  15. That is just fucking wrong. Even if the video is fake… Is there pride in chopping your sack and cutting your dick off? I don’t understand why this would be posted on the Internet like something was achieved. There are some serious creepers in this world my god…

  16. The video exploits a very well-known issue in psychology, empathy, towards making the viewer feel uneasy. It just works, it is automatic. And the video is fake, the genitalia is a roughly-made prosthetic prop. Seen lots more realistic ones in last São Paulo’s ZOMBIEWALK: moving amputated limbs, pumping exposed brains inside trepanated skulls – still on the owners’ shoulders – bountiful ammounts of bare blood-spewing vessels, spiky tendons ends and half-sawn-half-broken bones and newsreel-realistic self-inflicted real-time mutilations, injuries and beheadings performed live with bottlenecks, glass shards, chainsaws, or heavy machetes, or butcher hatchets. Real, shiny, noisy, fully functional, well-honed instruments. Fake injuries. The fine art of illusionism involved. Highly-skilled amateurs. Two million undead took to the streets of São Paulo. NOT A SINGLE MILIGRAM of real hemoglobin wasted, not even by accident (menstruation excluded) no casualties, not a single accident. “Normal” people watched and fainted, puked, turned away, fleed in despair. Empathy works.

  17. Hahahah.. ^x^ .. Can’t BE-LIEVE~~ ..guyzzzz.. !!!

    What’s the fuzz all about, let’s see.. People see a link wich SAYS: ”Something REALY groose! Click HERE!”, after watching these materials they complain they feld sick! Typical..

    Assumed, no illegal activities were performed during footage (Well, after cutting off your balls they WILL lock you up for sure but not in a jail-cell that is.. You HAVE to see a Ph.D. at some point, lol!), that all participants are into it VOLUNTAIRALY, if it’s real or not, didn’t we ALL (I’m SURE the makers DID, with or without balls!) kinda.. Enjoyed the ‘rolercoaster’-ride ?!? If I didn’t at least feld some ticklin’ sensation in ma tummy, I’d go get my money back.. Grrrr ..!!!

    However.. REAL footage of tragic accidents is a MORAL issue, strange though is the fact that there IS any footage in the first place! I just can’t imagine a guy keeps filming till the operating room while his friend lays there with his skull wide open, ehhh.. ÖÖ .. Cameracrew from HORROR-TV Live ?!? Here in the Netherlands, police footage is rarely made public but I wouldn’t know bout the US and other countries however..

    But there ARE indead some sick-brains who wanna loose 1 or both legs for instance, they’d even commit cuicide over it becoz a Ph.D. refuses to perform the operation.. KNOWING that background-info, I DON’T wanna see a desperate attempt to get rid of it under a TRAIN!

    But I guesse.. *sighs deeply*. Wutz realy makin this thread SO OMG(!) funny.. It’s like a real-life traffic accident where ppl. start gathering around doing nothing, pushing away medical personal to get a better view (Don’t lough, I’ve seen this ACTUALY happen!)..

    And complain bout the horrific images they ”HAD” to watch.. !!!

    1. I assume with the skull wide open video your referring to the tombstone video on here? IT may or may not have occured to you that medical teams do actually film inside surgery rooms, so that they can learn from the operation for future times. IE, a case like this doesn’t happen often, so its filmed and learnt from. These films, for a price, or even freedom of information act (yes indeed in england), can be obtained pretty easily.

      Thought i’d clear that up.

  18. The muther fuckin guy chopped his cock that’s just not right y the fuck would he do that like shit the guy has a knife and chops his fuckin dick off and the other one has a fuckin problem y would he do that that is just fuckin scary I never wanna watch that as long as I live like fuckkkkkk

    1. I have yes, unfortunately it had a giant watermark in front of it, blocking out most of it. I’ll have a look for a decent version soon and update if it goes on :)

  19. People are so fucking retarted and y the hell would u put something like tht on the Internet kids are so stupid that they could type in the wrong thing

        1. Haha cheers Christopher. It is pretty retarded that people look for this shit, then complain when they find it… dont even get me started on the manageing your kids better part, some people should not breed.

  20. fucking disgusting that is the worst thing i have ever saw in my life, that is going to give nightmares for the rest of my life, y would someone even do that anyway, how do the not scream How do they even have the balls to do that….oh wait they don’t.
    seriously that is just wrong, you just should not do that. That has got to take some guts to do that though. STILL IS FUCKING DISGUSTING !!!! :O

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